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Piano Chopin


钢琴肖邦 - 学习弹钢琴,使用您的移动设备!你想学钢琴,并有很多的乐趣?现在,可以用钢琴肖邦的应用。这个音乐应用程序是使用简单 - 甚至是儿童。您可以从18个不同的歌曲中进行选择!
在我们的应用程序的歌曲例如:♫Prelude在D小调♫Prelude在降D大调 - 雨滴♫Prelude在C小调♫Prelude在降A大调♫前奏曲A大♫波兰舞曲在B大调♫波兰舞曲在降A大调♫波兰舞曲A大G小调玛祖卡♫♫玛祖卡在升F小调♫玛祖卡在F大调♫玛祖卡E小调♫玛祖卡D大调在降A大调玛祖卡♫A小调玛祖卡♫♫练习曲E大调♫练习曲C小调 - 革命
特征:**学习模式**生涯模式**自由风格模式** 3个难度级别** 多点触摸**平板电脑支持**钢琴键8至16个**高清显卡**适用于所有的屏幕分辨率**完美的音乐家**全球排名**节拍器
Piano Chopin - learn to play the piano, using your mobile device!
Do you want to learn the piano and have a lot of fun? Now it's possible with Piano Chopin application. This music app is simple to use - even for children. You can choose from 18 different songs!
How to play the Piano Chopin?Click Game, choose game mode:1) Learning: Learn how o play the piano.2) Career: Get points and gain achievements.3) Free Style: Play whatever you want.
In Career Mode you have to choose a song from the list and click the play button. Click on the highlighted blue keys and play the whole song! The application will rate your performance. Become a champion and get 100% for each played Piano Chopin!
Examples of songs in our application:♫ Prelude in D minor ♫ Prelude in D-flat major - Raindrop♫ Prelude in C minor♫ Prelude in A-flat major♫ Prelude in A major♫ Polonaise in B major♫ Polonaise in A-flat major♫ Polonaise in A major♫ Mazurka in G minor♫ Mazurka in F-sharp minor♫ Mazurka in F major♫ Mazurka in E minor♫ Mazurka in D major♫ Mazurka in A-flat major♫ Mazurka in A minor♫ Etude in E major♫ Etude in C minor - Revolutionary
The application can also be used as a piano without learning mode. You can set the amount of visible piano keys from 8 to 16. If it is more comfortable for you, set the key signature. You can also turn on the metronome.
Piano Chopin is the best solution for both beginners and the masters of the piano. So it’s a perfect piano both for kids and adults. This magic keyboard piano will be like your virtual teacher.
Features:** learn mode** career mode** free style mode** 3 difficulty levels** multitouch** tablet support** piano keys from 8 to 16** HD graphics** works with all screen resolutions** perfect for musicians** worldwide ranking** metronome
Download this free music instrument and learn to play the piano.Play, learn, compose, have fun.
If you have any questions about Piano Chopin, write to us!